Meredith Novack part 2 – Episode 8

Mere Novack talks with Talbott about training for breaking a world record in episode 8. Training, a key for success in triathlons, open water swimming challenges, including marathon swimming (6+miles/10+KM). Hear from this elite athlete how she trains. We also talk a bit about SHARKS, yikes!

Her bio from BASED IN ​HAWAII HAVING RETURNED FROM SINGAPORE… THIS FULL-TIME SWIM COACH and former professional triathlete turned World Record holding, and extreme marathon swimmer…is one of the most marketable and recognizable athletes on the planet! After a World Record channel swimming debut, people notice when Meredith walks into the room but not for the obvious reasons… ​

The Kate Moss of the channel swimming world – by most athletic industry standards Meredith is “not impressive enough” meaning that at 5’6″ and just over 120 pounds she is too short, too small and too old – plus (her favorite) she doesn’t “look like an athlete”. According to most marketing professionals “SHE DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE A SWIMMER”!