Meredith Novack part 2 – Episode 8

Mere Novack talks with Talbott about training for breaking a world record in episode 8. Training, a key for success in triathlons, open water swimming challenges, including marathon swimming (6+miles/10+KM). Hear from this elite athlete how she trains. We also talk a bit about SHARKS, yikes!

Her bio from BASED IN ​HAWAII HAVING RETURNED FROM SINGAPORE… THIS FULL-TIME SWIM COACH and former professional triathlete turned World Record holding, and extreme marathon swimmer…is one of the most marketable and recognizable athletes on the planet! After a World Record channel swimming debut, people notice when Meredith walks into the room but not for the obvious reasons… ​

The Kate Moss of the channel swimming world – by most athletic industry standards Meredith is “not impressive enough” meaning that at 5’6″ and just over 120 pounds she is too short, too small and too old – plus (her favorite) she doesn’t “look like an athlete”. According to most marketing professionals “SHE DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE A SWIMMER”!

Eric Schall – Episode 2

Watch Talbott.TV episode 2 with Eric Schall describe his encounter with the cookie cutter shark in the Pacific Ocean (18+ due to gruesome photos). Eric tells about the swim and rescue swimming between the Hawaiian Islands of Moloka’i and O’ahu.

Eric Schall – Talbott.TV – Episode 2

Eric Schall, an incredible marathon swimmer with 17 marathon swims (10K or greater) in the last 6 years, talks about his open water experiences and gets into the gruesome details of the cookie cutter shark attack swimming Moloka’i Channel with Steve Gruenwald a year ago in March 2019. The Moloka’i Channel, also known as Ka’iwi Channel, is 26 miles (42 km) wide with a depth of 2,300 feet (700 M) and spans the Hawaiian Islands O’ahu and Moloka’i, is one of the most difficult open water swims due to the open Pacific conditions and aggressive water life. It is one of the Oceans Seven swims.

NOAA Photo Library – fish9099

Cookie cutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis)
Image ID: fish9099, NOAA’s Fisheries Collection
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Credit: Personnel of NOAA Ship PISCES

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Cookie Cutter Shark
A Smalltooth Cookiecutter Shark, Isistius brasiliensis, from off southern Queensland, June 2017. Source: Rob Zugaro / Museums Victoria. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

Chloë McCardel – Episode 1

Chloë McCardel, world record breaking marathon swimmer talks about her experiences with UFO’s, sharks, machine guns, and COVID-19. Watch now the premiere Talbott.TV episode 1 with one of the worlds greatest swimmers.

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